Wellbeing assessment tool for organisations

Do you know how WELL your employees are doing?

And by well, we mean their happiness, stress levels, team cohesion, sleep quality, social relations…we ask because we know it matters.

Introducing the world’s premier wellbeing assessment tool for individuals, teams and whole organizations.

Your employees wellbeing has a direct impact to the bottom line of your company. With employee wellbeing being a priority post-pandemic, assess your companies wellbeing with our unique and easy to complete online self-assessment for your employees.

With our report feature, know where to focus your wellness initiatives for the year by getting an overall Wellbeing report by teams, sectors or the whole organisation.

how it works

We measure 7 core pillars of wellbeing

Humans aren’t one dimensional, and neither is our wellbeing. This is why we measure 7 core pillars of wellbeing independently and how they impact our overall wellbeing with our wellbeing assessment tool.

These 7 core pillars form your overall wellbeing. We measure each of these pillars seperately and generate your percentage score based on our Wellbeing, Daily Index.

The Wellbeing, Daily Index

Wellbeing assessment tool

What we measure

Our questionnaire is designed to provide self-evaluation and personal reflection in each of the 7 core pillars.

83% of respondants said that theygained personal insight from simply filling out the self-assessment.


Your productivity, ability to achieve goals and how much purpose and fulfilment you feel in your career and workplace.


Your psychological and emotional health, which also includes your moods, emotions and feelings towards yourself, others and your life.


Your physical health (body), diet, nutrition and exercise. All these interrelate to encompass your physical wellbeing.


The quality and quantity of sleep you get per night. Sleep has the biggest impact on all other areas of your life.


How you take care of yourself. This includes mental self-care, body self-care and overall self-care. Without self-care your body and mind has no chance to restore, causing dis-ease.


The quality and depth of your relationships, including intimate relationships, wider community relationships and general society relationships.


How much joy, fulfilment and meaning you feel in your life. When you feel great about yourself and your life, it impacts and increases all other areas of your wellbeing.

your results

Get real-time feedback upon completing the self-assessment as you are shown your scores directly on screen, with an email sent to you with your results as well.



At a quick glance you will be able to see what areas of your life need focussed attention in order to enhance your wellbeing.

Download your wellbeing report instantly.

The wellbeing report is a 45 page personalized PDF that goes into depth about your wellbeing results from the self-assessment.

The report contains:

  • An overview about what holistic wellbeing is
  • Details about your results in the 7 core pillars of wellbeing
  • Top personalized recommendations to increase your wellbeing according to how you scored in each core pillar
  • Questions to ask yourself for even deeper reflection
  • A place to set SMART wellbeing goals
  • Next action steps you can take to support your wellbeing

*The wellbeing report is included in our company package, however is an optional add-on if you choose to simply take the self-assessment as an individual.

team wellbeing

Get insights on

how ‘well’ your team is.

Get an overview of how your team is scoring in the individual wellbeing pillars.

This will help you focus your wellbeing initiatives in the right direction, supporting your people where they need it the most.

Team reports is an add-on feature

Tell us your the size of your team and we will give you a custom quote that includes the Wellbeing Online Assessment + Personalized reports + Team reports.

Our wellbeing assessment tool is unique because...

We provide real-time feedback on the wellbeing of individuals and your team/company.

Our self-assessment is applicable across cultures.

It is accessible online from anywhere.

It only takes 15min to complete the entire assessment.

We provide a detailed personalized report post assessment.

"Doing the assessment was a learning process in itself. I found the questions to be very thought-provoking. The report was highly insightful as it showed me the weighting of the different pillars and how they impact each other. I highly recommend doing this wellbeing assessment, you will learn a lot about yourself!"

HR and Personal Development Officer

“I haven't seen anything like this on the market. I got my team to take the self-assemsent and received the team wellbeing report. It showed me where as a manager I can initiate conversations around sleep wellbeing for my team."

Rail Transport Manager

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Wellbeing matters.

Wellbeing impacts all areas of life, including how you perform at work.

We have a tiered pricing structure for different sized organizations.

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