We consider ourselves

ENABLERS of your wellbeing initiatives

We teach intrinsic motivation; how does someone find the motivation themselves to adopt healthier lifestyle choices that help with stress and work/life balance?

Extrinsic or top-down motivation doesn’t work as effectively because, let’s face it, people don’t like being told what to do. Do you?

Think of it as the difference between:

“I want to do it” vs “I should to do it”

Here at Wellbeing Daily, we take the integrated and holistic approach to Wellbeing. We understand that an individual strives for excellence in their lives and this striving for excellence does not simply mean an absence from illness.

Everyone has the desire to feel good about themselves and their lives. We help make that happen. 

Mind + Body + Soul Wellbeing

We approach wellbeing from three different angles: mind, body and soul perspective. Looking at not only the symptoms, but also the root causes of why people aren’t thriving in their lives.

Breaking down wellbeing even further we have identified 7 different core pillars of wellbeing which are interdependent on each other. Without all 7 core pillars working in unison a person simply won’t feel their best at home or at work.

Using our leading edge tools and practices based on scientific research as well as experiential findings, we educate, coach and mentor you tofeel your best everyday.

Our Mission

To empower people with the daily tools and resources to cultivate internal happiness, inspiration and motivation to thrive in both their professional and personal lives.

Who we work with

Large and small organizations who know the value of supporting their employees with their wellbeing. A happy, inspired and motivated employee helps your business thrive. We work with busy executives, office personnel and operations staff.

We work across multiple industries including, but not limited to finance, energy, legal, shipping and aviation.

What we do

We support employee wellbeing through our online self-assessment, BALANCE.D employee wellbeing program, executive coaching and team wellbeing retreats held worldwide.

Our services are either offered in-person or online live because we know busy employees won’t watch another self-paced online course because they simply don’t have the time.

How we work

We do things differently because we don’t believe in employees having to download another app to track their steps, productivity hours or how many calories they’ve eaten in a day.

We teach the psychology and neuroscience behind behavior design and habit formation. Everything you do is a habit, even things you don’t do, so how can you form positive long-term sustainable habits that actually support your wellbeing?

Benefits for Business


We enable your wellness initiatives and help you reach your wellness goals.


Optimize team performance and be an example of a wellbeing leader.

holistic employee wellbeing

Office employees

Learn tools and strategies for life on how to minimize work related stress, work/life balance and how to feel your best every day.

Operations employees

Learn easy habit changes to implement into their specific working environment.

Current partners:

Wellbeing, Daily partners with organizations who work in the field of operational excellence. Together with our partners, we help decrease work related incidents, fatalities and employee resignations.

Meet your Wellbeing Experts

Cutting-edge science meets practical tools for personal growth to create our unique holistic employee wellbeing services. In collaboration with leading researchers from around the world, we’ve developed a comprehensive suite of offerings tailored to empower individuals on their journey to a happier, healthier, and more balanced life. 



Ian Collins is a passionate advocate for wellbeing and a successful entrepreneur. Co-founding Wellbeing Daily was born out of his personal journey of overcoming burnout and learning the importance of a balanced life. Ian’s experiences led him to develop tools and strategies to manage stress and improve overall wellbeing, ultimately inspiring him to create a platform to help others avoid the same pitfalls he faced.
Before stepping into the world of wellbeing, Ian had a remarkable career. With over a decade of experience working on offshore drilling rigs as part of drilling crews and as a safety professional, he transitioned into a successful consultant for over 12 years. In his consulting career, he assisted organizations in areas such as Human & Organizational Performance, psychological safety, teamwork, and leadership. Ian’s academic achievements include an MBA, certification as a Master Coach and multiple safety qualifications.




Nora Wendel has unique background rooted in Eastern philosophies and a passion for empowering others to lead fulfilling lives. Born and raised in South-East Asia, Nora’s diverse upbringing has influenced her mission to help people find happiness, motivation, and balance in their work and personal lives. Nora’s journey into wellbeing began when she experienced a panic attack at the age of 24. Over the next ten years, she delved into psychology, neuroscience, and neuro-linguistic programming to overcome her anxiety, and has since dedicated herself to coaching others in achieving the same transformation. 
Nora’s vision for Wellbeing Daily is to make their programs accessible to as many people as possible, emphasizing that small, intentional changes can lead to a thriving life. Committed to her own personal development, Nora continually explores and experiments with the latest research in biohacking, neuroscience, and psychology, ensuring that Wellbeing Daily remains at the forefront of self-improvement and personal growth.

Our wellbeing



online wellbeing self-assessment

Let your employees take our comprehensive online self-assessment where we measure 7 core pillars of wellbeing and provide each employee with a PDF report where they can learn more about their individual wellbeing scores and read recommendations to increase their wellbeing. You also have the option to generate a team wellbeing report to see where you may need to focus your wellbeing iniatiatives in the next quarter.

online balance.d program (LIVE)

An 8-part online workshop series where we teach the psychology and neuroscience of habits and how to introduce new healthy habits into the 7 core pillars of wellbeing. We teach simple and effective practices and tools that even the busiest employee can utilize to increase their wellbeing. Choose between an 8 week module or a 16 week module for the program delivery. Included in this program is the wellbeing online self-assessment.

In-person workshops

Half day and full day interactive workshops with team building activities incorporated throughout. Our in-person workshops suit quarterly/yearly planning meetings as we can focus on areas which need improvement such as team wellbeing or choose to add in any of our core pillars of wellbeing to generate discussions and evaluate how to best support your team in their wellbeing.

Executive coaching

Offer your top leaders a chance to increase their wellbeing and, be the champions of wellbeing for their teams, with our executive 1-1 coaching packages. Leaders complete our wellbeing online self-assessment to then be coached by our wellbeing advisors on the wellbeing areas they need help with the most. Sessions packages start at 6 sessions and can be increased as needed.

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